Xojo Downloads Throttled?

Is it just me or has Xojo’s privatecdn.xojo.com become throttled? My current download of the Linux TGZ is running at 102K/sec.

8.1 MB/s here in the UK. As its a CDN it might be a different speed for you depending on where the content comes from for you.

FCC vote pre-test in the US. Maybe?

Edit: 13MB/s in Bay area, CA.

:slight_smile: What vote? The results have been in since before they announced what they wanted to do. Wait there wasn’t even a plan, other than restore the type of monopolies Ma’Bell had a while ago.

Well, problem is usually that first few trigger the need for a local cache, so finally someone comes and has it locally cached to get 10 MB/s.

can I assume that Xojo’s private can is the Xojo Cloud distribution network?

Actually I would ask them rather than make that assumption. I don’t think that Xojo Cloud is served over a CDN.

Then please enlighten me - WHAT IS the Xojo privatecdn???

Xojo uses cdn77

This morning I’m back at my normal speed.