Xojo documentation not searchable in r4?

This is probably just a setting I have missed somewhere, but when I open “Xojo Documentation.pdf” supplied with r4 in Preview, it is not searchable. For example searching for “event” or “the” or “Xojo” returns zero results. Opening the r3 version, no problem. Something wrong between keyboard and seat? or did someone forget to turn on searchability when they wrote the file?

Works fine with r4.1 here (I trashed r4).

The PDF file is rather large, so perhaps Preview is not working well with it? I am able to search with it if I open the PDF in Safari. Perhaps Adobe Reader would also work.

Ah, yes, working in in r4.1. Not in r4.0. Thanks. Nothing to do with Preview vs. Adobe, Preview works fine with r3 or r4.1 version. I am always reluctant to install or open Adobe spyware/bloatware on my computer. But I am wearing a tin foil hat for protection.

To be honest, the only time I fire Acrobat Reader (free), is because I have to copy text from the pdf and get it correct (vs Preview strange workflow).

Preview refuses to search ANY PDF for me (Apples. MS, you name it)
So I’ve had to switch to using Acrobat much as I’d rather not

Are y’all on 10.12?
Preview is searching here on 10.11


Sanity check once again - no, I wasn’t seeing things. OSX 10.11, Preview 8.1 (877.7). r3 doc, search no problem. r4 doc, search for anything is empty. r4.1 search no problem again.

Not a problem since r4.1 works, but a curiosity.

I won’t use Adobe unless a gun is to my head. They and ATT are the two lowest tech hi tech enterprises on the planet.

The real curiosity would be that the PDF did not change between 4 and 4.1.