Xojo Developer Retreat Keynote

You can now watch the Xojo Developer Retreat Keynote and audience Q&A from Xojo Founder & CEO Geoff Perlman.

The rest of the sessions will be on sale soon, more details to come!


I have been busy with the start of a new project and have really been slacking on keeping up with the forum. I really would have liked to attend the developer retreat this year - but there was no way I could make it due to time constraints.

I was really happy to see the keynote posted on YouTube and I really enjoyed watching it. The keynote was really a great tour of what has been and what is to come. The only problem was after watching it I had an even deeper regret of not being there in person to finally meet everyone.

Thank you for planning on posting the rest of the sessions, I am really looking forward to it.


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If I might give a small tip for the presenter: please repeat / summarize the question before answering them. The questions from the audience where inaudible.