Xojo Desktop App Database Tutorial: Connecting a SQLite Database

Just installed Xojo.

I wanted to follow this tutorial :

I cannot find the file called DBFile.sqlite under extras ( at 0:27 )

Can you tell me what i am missing ?

Thanks in advance

You may try here: https://documentation.xojo.com/resources/videos/webinars.html

Hey Torsten,
I am searching a database file, called DBFile.sqlite, and i cannot see it under the installation of Xojo i used.

That video is from “19 avr. 2021” / April 19, 2021.

It is not.

Contact Xojo @:

Thank you Emile,
I am not going to open a ticket or smtgh out there, perhaps heavy and not crucial.
I will use another .sqlite file. I wanted this one to stick to the video but it will be alright.

Or wait some hours until some MVP read your question…