Xojo Desktop 2019 r1.1 - Print second page

I’m trying to print 2 pages at once.
They are 2 pages with CAD geometric drawings, lines arcs etc.
I can’t use the Report controls but I have to print directly.

My code:

Dim g As Graphics
Dim p As PrinterSetup
p = New PrinterSetup
If p.PageSetupDialog Then
  g = OpenPrinterDialog(p)
  If g <> Nil Then
    'Draw lines, arcs, etc... for first page
    'How I can set second page???
    'Draw lines, arcs, etc... for second page
  End If
End If

I can’t print the second page. How do you tell the Xojo to go to the next page?


Call the NextPage function to finish drawing a page and start a new one.


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Thank you Tim!

I feel stupid… I spent hours looking for commands on the PrinterSetup.