Xojo.Data.ParseJSON extremely slow on Linux webapp


Kem Tekinay documented that parsing the same JSON will take significantly longer on Windows than on the Mac.

I wanted to see how the same tests perform on a linux webapp:

I took Kem’s desktop project and ported it to WebEdition (The project file is attached to the feedback case, so you can test yourself).

According to my tests on a Linux VPS, taken on different times of the day, yesterday and today, using the new Xojo framework in a Linux Webapp is an absolute no-go.

I recreated this test program as a 64-bit webapp for Linux and I am testing it on a Ubuntu Server 14.04 VPS (12GB real memory, 6 GB virtual memory, Intel Xeon CPU E5520 @ 2.27GHz, 10 cores)

The results I’m getting:

51.061 seconds
50.129 seconds
51.376 seconds

This morning it was even over a 60 seconds!

When I debug run the webapp on macOS, from the IDE, then the result is : 0.680 seconds

Can anyone please verify this on a Linux machine? If what I found is true, then Xojo.Data.ParseJSON on a Linux Webapp would be an absolute show-stopper …