Xojo.Data.GenerateJSON * Xojo.Data.ParseJSON: Double Arrays change to Auto Arrays

I am using Xojo.Core.Dictionary and saving the data inside the Dictionary as a JSON file.

When I want to reimport this data back into the Dictionary with Xojo.Data.ParseJSON all works pretty well. But one thing puzzles me. Some of the entires in the Dictionary are Double values. When they are reimported, they end up as Double values. But I also have in the Dictionary, many Double arrays. They sit in the Dictionary as Double arrays. When they are reimported, all the values come back but the array type is now Auto.

I am spending a certain amount of effort to convert all these arrays back into Double arrays because my code, when dealing with the data in the Dictionary expects them to be Double arrays. The Dictionary, before the export and reimport from JSON contained the Double arrays that it (my code) expected. But after the reimport, all the arrays are now of type Auto.

I am asking a general question: Why is this?
Is there a simple way to get the GenerateJSON*ParseJSON cycle not to do this?

No. In JSON, arrays are not typed so they may contain any legal values. The fact that they contain all doubles is by your design and GenerateJSON will accommodate you as a convenience. The “fix” for the sake of compatibility would be to require you to provide all arrays as Auto() in the first place, not to return an array of any particular type.