Xojo Crystal reports and Oracle procedures.

Hallo Members, im an experienced developer but currently learning Xojo for the purpose of upgrading our legacy systems developed in Visual Basic 6.0. However as a newbie here have some few questions to ask the Xojo Gurus herein.

(a). Is it possible to execute Oracle procedures within xojo and get the return values to use in xojo App?
(b). Have Seagate Crystal reports plugins been incorporated in Xojo to enable running reports design in Crystal reports with the xojo Application.
©. We been learning xojo programming and there seems alot of similarity syntatically with Visual Basic, our legacy system is developed in Visual Basic 6.0, could there be an upgrade wizard from VB to xojo?

There’s a VB Migration Assistant on the www.xojo.com Website. But i think you see it only once you are logged in with an Account (don’t know why Xojo hides such a nice Tool from the Public) :wink:

Thanks bro Sascha S. I have logged in with my my developer account. Where do i go?


Thanks. My question Answered.