Xojo crashes with no segfaut or error message OpenSuSE Leap 15

So I downloaded the XOJO tarball, extracted it in my home directory and try to run it and all I get is Segmentation Fault ( core dump ) when executing from CLI. The OpenSuSE is a fresh brand new install. I have no idea how to resolve this. Anyone else?

And what is in the error report?

Xojo doesn’t like Wayland, if using that, you must switch to Xorg (if your distro permits it)

Hope helps

It sounds like these issues:
Which has been resolved for an upcoming release of Xojo.

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I ended up dumping OpenSuSE all together. It wouldn’t detect my wireless, blue tooth and everytime I tried to install the nVidia drivers… black screen of doom. So I’m using Kubuntu and everything works ( except bluetooth which I’ll tinker with later ). My old laptop literally exploded ( the hinges blew out ) so bought a new Ryzen 9 set up… which I had some issues initially getting Linux installed but. Anyhow, thanks!