Xojo crashes when adding new Method

I have a large project, and just went to add a new method to it…
No matter what I do, how I name it , the instant I’m done making the header via

  1. open an existing MODULE
  2. click on METHOD
  3. Inspector opens
  4. type in name for new METHOD (yes… nothing more than that)
  5. click SAVE


This is an application I have been working on for months (started with RS2012, and moved to Xojo on release day, and been working there ever since)

If I restart Xojo and reload the project,… it still compiles and runs … but I cannot add more code to it… and there is ALOT more to go to finish this project

Feedback #27843 - ANY IDEAS???

Turns out it was an issue with my USB3.0 external drive… I had to dismount, and remount it again.
It would only read… but gave a (-50 error when trying to write)