How exactly is xojo.core.Timer.CallWithArg used? Writing my code as:

xojo.core.Timer.CallWithArg(1,AddressOf MainCallback, success)

Where MainCallback has the signature “MainCallback(success as Auto)”
Gives the message:

You must use the value returned by this function.

Since the docs don’t mention anything about a return value, and I don’t need one, I changed the code to

call xojo.core.Timer.CallWithArg(1,AddressOf MainCallback, success)

However this causes a new error of:

This method requires fewer parameters than were passed.

So what is the correct syntax to use xojo.core.Timer.CallWithArg? (And do the docs need updating?)

The method is xojo.core.Timer.CallLater. CallWithArg is the type of the delegate you pass to CallLater.

Ok, I just realized that CallWithArg is the delegate type passed into CallLater, not a method. So the correct syntax is:

xojo.core.Timer.CallLater(1,AddressOf MainCallback, success)