xojo.Core.Dictionary with Text keys is slow on Windows

I’ve stumbled over an issue today, when using keys in xojo.Core.Dictionary as Text instead of String is very slow on Windows. On Mac it’s nearly the same as with String keys.

[code]dim d as new xojo.Core.Dictionary()

for i as integer = 1 to 1000
d.Value( “Item” + i.ToText() ) = "Value " + i.ToText()

On macOS Sierra it takes 5.5 ms, on Windows 10 52.5 ms!


d.Value( "Item" + Str( i ) ) = "Value " + i.ToText()

it takes also a few ms.

They know. There are a few reports related to this and I understand they are giving it a priority.

OK, thanks, I’ve found nothing related in Feedback.


See the first and last posts there.