xojo.core.dictionary.lookup throwing a nilObjectException

I thought the entire purpose of the .lookUp function of a dictionary was to avoid an exception error. Pretty easy to replicate. Before I construct a feedback case, can I get a confirmation on this from somebody. I want to make sure I’m not somehow doing something wrong which is causing this too (as I’ve definitely done that before)… leaving no easy way to close the feedback because of my mistake. Thank you!

EDIT: And this is why I don’t immediately create a feedback and ask for confirmation on the forums first. :slight_smile:

Nevermind… found the problem. I constructed/referenced the dictionary property in the construct of a sslSocket class, and used a method for construct with a parameter in it. When I created the object, I forgot to add this parameter and I guess it completely bypassed my custom constructor method (instead of throwing an error or message). Because it bypassed it, a new reference to the dictionary wasn’t created… thus leaving the dictionary property nil.