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After chasing down some performance problems with Xojo WE and finding the best way to give myself the API rates I needed, I switched to using HAproxy to reverse proxy the API server. Running into several issues not being able to connect to the secure port, I couldn’t figure out what the hell was wrong. A few questions here and next thing I know not only is it fixed but works better than I expected.

Thanks @John Joyce for all your help!

And yes, I was the cause of my own problem. I opened all the firewall ports on the server’s firewall. I just didn’t open the ports on the cloud level firewall.

Some days you just feel like an idiot… or at least I do….

And this level of help from other members of the community is exceptional and it happens all the time. I am proud to be part of this community…

Thank you all for all your help!

There is strength in numbers

That’s probably the best response you could have given.

I know I depend on this group of very helpful folks. They solve many of my problems.

Me too and even better is they help me to learn how to solve many of my problems by myself.
There’s so much to learn and this community is so helpfull in many ways! I for sure would have lost interest in Xojo (RB,RS,…) many years ago.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

If not for the community, I likely would not have been using RB/RS/Xojo for the last 16 years… It’s one of the big reasons I have stayed with the product despite some of it’s frustrations.

  • Karen

It was just this afternoon I was struggling with something I could not get the finger behind. After asking this forum for help, the problem was solved in minutes. (thanks @Jon Ogden )

Some have Facebook, some are happy with the Xojo Community.

I certainly hope this forum is never migrated to FB… if so, then I would be done… I do not/will not support that site…

That won’t happen, we love the forum too - it’s a great way to connect with users, learn about what you are doing (which helps us do our jobs) and help solve problems!

this forum is the best off all forum i go

I second Dave’s comment - I hate FB

I also second Alexis’ comment - this is the best / most immediately helpful forum I have ever been a part of.

Thank you everyone!!!

I agree completely with Scott Boss, this is a very exceptional, friendly and helpfull community.

During the “year of hell 2016” for me, I barely could use my hands and lost a very good friend unexpectedly. So I mostly could only read. I visited this community daily.

Since early this year, the future shines bright again, I like to thank all (without any exception) all the Xojo community members and the Xojo inc team. You are all great! Also a special thank you for Geoff Perlman and Richard Summers for their nice words back in July 2014 with the untimely pass away of my wife son Kabelo. Much appreciated!