Xojo Community Edition

Hi to All,

Perhaps this one is an esotheric question, but just I would like to know opinions…

Some day we will have a version of Xojo Community Edition …?

What is that?

I’m betting he’s asking about a free version to compile with (ie Visual Studio Community Edition)

I do not think that it will happen. The Xojo IDE is free to use, run, and test with.
Building an app is the only part that requires a license.

Hi Tim, Christian,

Tim Your right, I’m asking about that. The audience of this version is for individual developers, students, and small teams that want work with the tool and with the possibility of compile any project.

Isn’t that pretty much (not exclusively) the audience for Xojo anyways?

Whats the business model around doing this ?
How does Xojo Inc make money, pay salaries, etc ?

Not going to happen. As Tim said, you can do everything BUT compile for free. Heck, you can run the app in the debugger as long as you want without purchasing.

A $99 license lets you compile for desktop for Mac, or Windows, or Linux/ARM. That’s pretty inexpensive for a development tool.

From Xojo’s standpoint there’s virtually zero way they can enforce someone like us (that has 5 licenses) from just using the community version. Xojo goes out of business - quickly - using that model. Microsoft and Apple can do that because they are HUGE and don’t make a bulk of their money from development tools. So giving it away for free doesn’t hurt them like it would Xojo.

As I said, it would be an esoteric question, and I understand the point of view, in fact I’m in agree with the general concept. I have saw the growing of Xojo during last ten years and I must to say that the main reason why I continue to work with this tool is due to the simplicity and the power at the same time to build and finish projects. I have never had any problems deploying a project and the customers note this.

Thanks for your comments.