Xojo code visualization?


Does anyone know or use any good code visualization software for Xojo_code and Xojo_window filetypes like Sourcetrail / Doxygen? For big project documentation, it would ease much if you could easily visualize code…

Unfortunately, it seems that couple projects used to exist for VisualBasic, but have died and gone from internet.

How do you visualize your code?

BR; Jari

I don’t understand what you mean.

Perhaps this would be useful:


usually i make comments for every method and also at rows for changes (+ extra note feature in xojo)
but i never had the need to visualize a whole project.
useful is a manual made mindmap as overview or abstract flowchart.
method documentation is need if you made and sell a library.
the interoperation of project classes,methods,events would be interesting but it is not printable. often to complex to display.

“Visulaise” is not a word I would associate with creating documentation.

Personally in addition to commenting I have a document about the app internals. I uses Pages for this; the doc is nearly 40 pages long so far.


Do you know you can print your project to pdf ?

Can be a good base or complement.

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Decided to go with Capella after some considerations. Easier to manage and keep track of customer request and also provides better information.

That really does not narrow it down…