XOJO Cloud

I just buy a xojo cloud and have my ip. How I can test my application after deploy.

Use the IP followed by the app name. For example:


You can of course map your own domain name to the IP using tools provided by your domain name registrar.

The IDE should show you the app after a deploy is successful.

I saw the following error:
" An error occurred during Xojo Deployment.
Please wait a Few minutes and try Again"

Abimael - I will contact you about this.

Good Afternoon, I just buy last week(Xojo Pro and Xojo Cloud medium) and make only a simple web for test and then continue programming, But XOJO Cloud is not stable. Some day work good some days not. Now today I restart several time Xojo cloud and still not working. I try Xojo Cloud for change my web server and work from any place not at this moment I do not see the result I need for deply and deliver the software that week. At this moment I am consider do not use more Xojo Cloud and expect my maney back. I like Xojo Pro is very good but the Cloud is not. Hopefully someone help and change my mind.

Best Regards
Abimael Lopez Cotto

Abimael - Greg is looking at this now.

In this case, the user did not provide all necessary information for the SSL certificate. It indicates that all fields are required but it will accept an entry without all of the fields filled in. We’ll be correcting that soon.

We are having trouble enabling PostgreSQL on one of our our Xojo Cloud servers. The London server replies: “We could not enable PostgreSQL access at this time…”. Have tried restart of server without luck.
On our Chicago server we enabled PostgreSQL without any trouble.
Please help.

Best regards
Jan-Ivar Mellingen

Hi Jan - does it enable if you try it now?

Yes, now it is enabled :slight_smile:

Great :slight_smile: You’re welcome.

Now all my apps on the server in London has disappeared (unavailable).
The server is running, but the installed apps are unavailable, and I am unable to deploy anything from Xojo (“an error occured… please wait… Try again…”).
I am able to connect via SFTP, the files are present. The control panel lists the apps. Have tried restarting the server a few times. No luck.

What I did before the problem appeared was this:
A day or two ago I altered the Application Identifier (no other modifications) in one of the installed apps and deployed.
Everyting worked ok.
Today I listed the installed apps, and saw that the said app was listed twice, with both the old and new Application Identifier.
Then I deleted the ‘old’ one, and (surprise!) the files of the new one disappeared.
So, I tried to deploy the correct one again, but with no luck. The files seems to upload, but then I get the error. And the files does not appear on the server.
Now I have two apps installed and listed, but does not work, and are unable to deploy the third one.

Please help!

Jan-Ivar Mellingen

Update: the files belonging to the third app has appeared on the server, and the app is listed in Control Panel. But none of the apps are available on the net.

We’ll take a look Jan. I may email you some questions.