Xojo Cloud, Web1, Web2, SSL and multi apps?

I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to get an app to work in Web2 on my Xojo cloud, but unfortunately without success. And of course no detailed information on this subject can be found in the doc…

The situation:

  1. I have a working Xojo Cloud server
  2. I have a domain that is directed to the server (cloud.mydomain.com)
  3. I configured SSL with this domain, wildcard (*.mydomain.com) is not supported by Xojo Cloud
  4. I have some apps in web1 that work in https (https://cloud.mydomain.com/app1, https://cloud.mydomain.com/app2, …)

My problem:
I created a new app with Xojo 2020 in Web2 and there you need a sub domain.
I did different tests with different subdomains which are each time redirected to the server (apps.mydomain.com, apps.cloud.mydomain.com) and it works in http but of course not in https (certificate error apps.mydomain.com claims to be cloud.mydomain.com)…
The only case where I can have an https connection with my new Web2 app is if I directly indicate my server subdomain (cloud.mydomain.com) in the IDE settings of the app but in this case I no longer have access to my Web1 apps!

Xojo indicates that it is possible to have multiple apps on the same server and that SSL is free (or included in the price).

My question is simply how?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Hi Alain - it sounds like we need to install your wildcard SSL certificate. I will contact you with details on that.

Hi Jason, thank’s for your reply.
If I understand correctly, it is not possible anymore to have more than one Web 2 app on the Xojo Cloud server with the SSL connection included?
It has been working for years with several Web 1 apps and SSL. To bypass this regression I must therefore pay more and provide the certificate myself. Great, I’ll stick with Web 1 for now.

Hi Alain, this should work. I want to find out about your domain and look at your server. I will contact you via the same PM as before.

Hi Jason - I am having the same basic problem as Alain. What’s the solution?

Hi Cliff - have we installed a wildcard SSL cert. for you or are you using the built-in SSL?

No wildcard that I know of.

Okay. If you want to run multiple (secure) web 2 apps on a Xojo Cloud server, you’ll need to get a wildcard cert. from your cert. provider. Once you have that, you can contact me and we’ll get it installed for you.

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I just want to run one secure web 2 app on xojo cloud, but i can’t get that to work. I know I’m missing something… What do you need to know about my setup?

I see. Since it’s specific to your server, I will send you a PM.

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