Xojo Cloud upload problems


Since hours I am trying to upload my program update on the Xojo Cloud, but every time I receive the message - try later… My client ist waiting and waiting and waiting… - I too.

The SFTP connection works but when I make a linux compile this not runs…

What can I do? Its possible to upload manually a Xojo program?

Thanks Roger

Which app are you having trouble with?

Hi Greg

Is a normal Xojo web app (hKey) it was posible until I have changed to the new Xojo Cloud offer, then 1x was possible to upload and no more.

With SFTP I had deleted, and removed on the server correctly, restarted the server, but not helps.

If I can upload with SFTP a (linux app or cgi) app I am happy too, but so I had problems and my app not run.
I am not linux familiar only Win and Mac so I cannot found the problems.

Is generally possible to upload a Xojo app with SFTP?

Try it again. you should be good to go.

The problem is that you don’t get the benefit of some of the Xojo Cloud specific features. For instance, if you’re compiling with a version of Xojo before 2015r3, the firewall controls are not accessible and connecting to an outside service may not be possible.

The Xojo Cloud upload system also makes sure all of the permissions are set properly so your app will run. Unfortunately, even with SFTP, you cannot match the necessary permissions.

I’m curious though. It looks like this problem started when you rebooted the server. Can you tell me what was going on right before you did that which made you feel that the server needed a reboot?

Thanks Greg.

At this moment it was possible to upload … many hours waiting …

Yes in this case I need the access on the firewall for sending mails.

  • But for the future - is the only solution waiting in this case?

We’re talking with Rackspace (our VPS provider) about this. They’ve got an issue where when a server is rebooted, it gets stuck in a state where it can’t accept commands (basically it still thinks it’s rebooting). So this is something that we need to solve with them.

I’m still curious what was going on right before you started having upload problems which required you rebooting the server though. A reboot should be a last resort in most cases.

What I can say:

  • This week I receive the new Account (I have changed your offer).
  • With the SSL I had problems, nothing runs during 2 days
  • The i have deleted definitively my SSL
  • It runs fine, uploads was possible (yesterday), the program runs correct.
  • Today my first try to upload my program update, without changes in the program properties (only a few lines in the code) I received directly the error.
  • Many hours later it was possible to upload, without any changes.
  • In this time I have rebooted my Cloud server over the admin menu but without effects.
  • In this time the connection over SFTP runs every times without problems. Upload, modify, delete was possible. Delete the entries in the admin menu was possible too.

When the log files from my account helps more you can have this.