Xojo cloud not connecting


I am trying to upload a build on xojo cloud but its not working.
I am getting a error message as- An Error occurred while communicating with xojo server.

I am able to show statistics but fails when uploading my build.

Can anyone tell me what could be the problem?

Please contact customer support at hello@xojo.com and we’ll work to get this cleared up for you.

Hello. I am also suffering from the same symptoms.

I am also deploying to xojo cloud for the first time.
But an error occurred and it didn’t work.
I was unable to deploy the provided sample or paste the text web app.

When I build the same program and deploy it to a Linux server, it works fine.

Please give me advice.

Hey hi, please check internet connection and verify Xojo Cloud credentials, clear browser cache and restart computer.

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Welcome to the forum Naohiro. Could you please contact support at hello@xojo.com so we can check your account?


Hi Naohiro - I’m checking your server now and will be in touch…


thank you!
I have deployed the program and verified that it works!
(I don’t know why it didn’t work last time…)

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