Xojo Cloud Down

Hi everybody

Who does are Xojo Cloud customers, are facing server / service down or is just me?

Thanks to all

My server in Sydney is up.

Hi Wayne

Thanks for replay. My server is located in New York, I,m from Colombia.
Xojo has technical service 24/7 or just normal day office time service?

My server is in San Francisco. I have no problem with them.

Hi Jose

Thanks for the update

You can use a service like isup.me to test whether connection problems are local or if potential customers are experiencing them.

Hi Tim

Thanks for the tip.
Im sure my server is down because nobody in my company can connect from any place in Colombia.
Is somebody from Xojo taking a look at this time or i need to wait until tomorrow morning?

You should email them directly for more immediate help. I can’t say much, I haven’t had an after hours emergency with them myself.

Hi Tim

Thanks. I wrote to Jason, but im affraid is out of duty, so i need to wait until tomorrow.

I’ll check in with him about your message.

I Dana

Thank you very much.
I hope it can sove soon

This issue has been fixed. In the future please contact us directly with these issues.

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Hi Dana

Thank you very much!

Yes i did as always do.