Xojo Cloud DB Support

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I may have missed something (that would be the typical case), but I did not see any mention of supported databases for Xojo Cloud.
I am sure SQLite is an option since that is just a file, but what about PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, etc…?


SQLite DB files can be created or uploaded and used on the server.

Xojo Cloud does not have any database servers at this time, so you’ll have to connect to your own that are hosted elsewhere. We do plan to add DB server support in a future update to Xojo Cloud.

Thanks Paul.

If you get an account with rackspace you could order a database there and ask them to make sure it’s in the same data center as the Xojo web app, so your connection to DB is very fast over local network.

If you’re going to do that, all of the Xojo Cloud servers are currently in Chicago, so be sure to use that data center. Also you will need to contact us to open a port in the firewall on your server, as support for addressing the secondary NetworkInterface didn’t make it into r1.

My current VPS (inMotion) hosts my web site pages, has MyCommunitySQL for both my desktop and Xojo web apps, email accounts, and supports my Xojo web apps, and it’s about $50/month. The only downside at the moment is that their version of Centos is older than Xojo likes, but that should be pretty easily fixed (I just discovered this a few days ago).

Does Xojo Cloud support regular web sites, or just Xojo web apps? If I could be convinced that Xojo Cloud makes the Xojo web apps easier to install and run better, then I’d have to add Xojo Cloud to my existing monthly outlay. Just for running web apps, the current rates seem rather high. If Xojo Cloud offered all of the things I get from inMotion, I’d jump to it in a heartbeat.

Am I misunderstanding Xojo Cloud?

You certainly can put regular HTML, Javascript and CSS files on Xojo Cloud. You’ll just need to upload them with an app, either using a WebFileUploader or as part of an application using a CopyFiles Build Automation step.

On the Xojo Cloud server, your apps live one directory below the web root folder, so a web app named MyApplication would have a url like this:

If you want to serve files at the root level, you’ll need to place them up one directory from your app.

So we can’t use apps like Transmit to upload things? That means maintaining a web site on XC can’t really be done using apps such as iWeb, Sandvox, or Kompozer.

As far as this goes:

Can we register our domain name to this IP address?

What I think the XC marketing materials need to make very clear is that XC is a place only for hosting XC apps, not really a place for hosting web sites or databases.

No, FTP access is not available. However, we do ship the XojoCloudFileManager example that allows you to upload and download files to your server.

[quote=71012:@John McKernon]

Can we register our domain name to this IP address?[/quote]
Sure, you can alter the DNS records for your domain to point to the IP address.

just saw the notice about xojo cloud and I would see this as an option once you’d offer the following:

  • mySQL Community Server (but ‘behind’ the cloud, not as part of a separate Rackspace database option)
  • A file management utility that gives a bit more control and visibility of files on root and webapps

I am new to Xojo and I really like it. Have some experience with Xcode but was always looking for a way to create Web Apps from a truly integrated framework (that would also run on my Mac).

Keep up the good work.

This is a 4 month old conversation now. At this moment SFTP is allowed.
I made a connection to my new Xojo Cloud account by SFTP using FileZilla.

Thanks for the update!