Xojo Cloud and Valentina Reports

I downloaded the free version of Valentina Studios to try running reports on my Xojo Cloud Postgres database and ran into an issue. I am able to connect the database (via SSH) as a data source in the report editor and my queries run and pull data successfully, however, when I attempt to preview the report I get the following error:

15:25:08 Kernel error: 0x95514. Datasource error: "invalid connection option “ssh_auth”

I realize this is more of a Valentina Studios tech support question than a Xojo one, but I figured I’d also try my luck here to see if anyone with experience using Valentina Reporting with Xojo Cloud can chime in. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Geoffrey,

Did you check out this thread on our support forum and, is this what you are running into?

The best place to ask detailed questions like this is over on our forums where our engineers can see it.

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Hi Geoffrey,

You have caught a bug in VStudio with reports + postgreSQL + ssh

We fixed the bug yesterday and prepared a new build.

This fix is in the 13.5b20 build. Please get it here:
Index of /download/beta/13.5b20

Do not worry, this is near to the final release 13.5.
It contains e.g. support of MongoDB in Valentina Reports.

Release Notes of 13.5 here:

Please let us know if this build fixes your issue.