Xojo Cloud And MySql

Good morning, I have Xojo Pro and Xojo Cloud, but I need all my customer’s Database connect with MySql for create Live Dashboards.
My question Do I need to have a server with MySql? Or Xojo Cloud offer any Data-center like Rackspace, Inc.

I need sometime create new tables or new field,

Best Regards
Abimael Lopez Cotto

Xojo Cloud will run MySQL. You can enable MySQL in the control panel and away you go.

Jason thanks, I enable but after that ,What I need to do for start create table field, etc… and I need send data from my customer to that database.

You can connect a MySQL Admin tool to the DB on Xojo Cloud to setup databases. Or you can create everything in Xojo code.

This blog post might help: Xojo Cloud Databases: Add, Connect & Manage

Also this Xojo Cloud webinar shows how to do the same thing. It uses PostgreSQL, but MySQL would be very similar.

I am having problems accessing MySQL database uploaded to the Xojo Cloud from within my Web App.

I am running Xojo 2015 Release 3 and have Navicat installed locally on my MacBook Pro. I can connect from Navicat so I know the MySQL database is functioning on the Cloud.

In my opening file I have a piece of code as follows:

If db.connect Then
MsgBox(“You are connected to the database.”)
End If

The code following the above sets up a Recordset and calls it to check some data.

I have followed the instructions from Paul in his Webinar and also the blog he mentions.

When I run my app on the Cloud I get the message confirming I am connected to the database but on clicking OK The system hangs with the NilObjectException. (i.e. unable to connect to the database.)

Jason Parsley has been assisting me but has been unable to come up with a solution so far. I am most disappointed that the Xojo Cloiud is proving so difficult to get working. I tried with Xojo 2015 Release 2.4 previously, without success.

Help, please…

Where have you declared the “db” property? It needs to be at least a property of the Session.

Also, make sure you’re initializing with

db = new MySQLcommunityserver

As opposed to

Dim db as new MySQLcommunityserver

The latter will make a local variable as opposed to initializing the one you’ll use elsewhere.

The sample Eddies Electronics Web does not connect to its db, nor do any of my apps which have worked previously on the london cloud server.

Are you sure that the error is that you’re not connected as opposed to a bad query?

Hi Greg

Eddies Electronics works properly when tested locally.
I have already exchanged 53 emails with Jason going over every aspect of this problem, rather than going through the whole process again would you be able to invite Jason to elaborate within this conversation as I am sure he has a much better understanding of what is going on.

My general understanding is:
Apps compiled for the London cloud server cannot connect to any database, when I try and view them.
This is the case for xojo 2015 r2.4 and 3.0 compiled on osx and win 7.

I consistently get the xojo try again error message when deploying to my xojo london based server.
After checking to see if app actually has uploaded and trying to run it I consistently receive a runtime error

'Unhandled NilObjectException


However to complicate this issue further, Jason can run the apps when they are residing on the London servers and I cannot…
This, I guess, is the case for Don.

Your help would be much appreciated.

Thanks desperately confused Jim

Hi James,

whenever you got a problem like that, write as much data as you can to a log file. At each method add at the beginning:

WriteToLog currentMethodName + " start"

and at the end add something similar. With this you will get the problematic method very quickly.