Xojo Challenging me

Hi, I’m new on Xojo, i try to writes code, its says “This items does not exist” how can i fix this please help!

What are you trying to do exactly?

First of all, the Customer Service channel is for account and license issues. You should move this to the Getting Started channel.

Second, you need to provide more details, as it’s very difficult to determine your problem with the little information you provided. I’m going to assume that you get this error when running (debug) your project. In that case, it means you probably have a syntax error or are using a non-existent variable, object or method. If you will post your code we can help pinpoint your problem.

You are probably trying to reference a member of a class which does not exists. For example take a listbox. If you want to add a new item to a listbox you could use:

ListBox1.Addrow("My New Row")

If you referred to a method of the listbox which did not exist you would get “This item does not exist” error:

ListBox1.AddrowB("My New Row")

Ensure the method you are calling exists. The quickest way to do this is type the class name i.e. in my example ListBox1 and then type the dot . and then press the tab key to display all the members of the ListBox class.

I have over 40 hours of Real Studio/Xojo training video for subscribers at http://www.bkeeney.com/XojoTraining/xojotraining.cgi. There is about 7 hours that don’t require a subscription. You may find it helpful in getting started.