xOJO CGI build setting doesnt appear

Good Morning
I have just paid for a Web licence and i try to make the cgi version of my program.
I go to the “Shared build settings”, but i cant find the “CGI build setting” option.
As a result, i can only build standalone web apps.

Can anybody help me on this?
I use xojo 2020.1

CGI option is no longer available in the latest version.

Good morning Mark,
thanks for the quick reply.
So, i cannot deploy my web app in my web server?
And why the documentation says i can do cgi apps if it is not supported?
Thanks again

First, keep Xojo 2019 for your work.
You can play with Xojo 2020r1, see if your projects work, report problems and wait maybe a bit for a migration guide and for a bug fix update to Xojo.

Thanks Christian. I will try this approach.
You know, the major reason for me to buy the web licence was the ability to make cgi apps. Or at least to have the opportunity to deploy the app in a web server.
I hope there will be a solution to that soon.

Thanks again.

you will never be able to make cgi apps with web 2.0 : it has been dropped.
so stay with 2019r32 and web 1.0 and cgi
or move to 2020r1 and web 2.0 and no cgi.


Bonjour Jean-Yves.
Merci beaucoup pour l’info
As I said before, my main problem is to be able to deploy my web apps in a web server (apache, iis, etc).
This should be an option, even with no cgi .
Also, the official documentation says nothing about dropping cgi support.
When you ask money from someone you must deliver what you say in the documentation.
So, cgi or not cgi, the company must find a solution to deploy our webapps to our web servers.
After all , “xojo cloud” is a kind of a web server, no?

Merci encore pour votre aide

it has been said multiple times in the previous months announcing web 2.0
I don’t remember where but sure it was.
the documentation is not up to date for sure
I’m also sure you have a 30 days return policy if you’re unsatisfied with the licence.

To be clear, you CAN deploy web servers, but not with CGI anymore.

You can use Apache as a reverse proxy for your Xojo Web standalone service.

Xojo docs needs to be updated for showing this deployment procedure and best practices.


Good Day Ricardo.
Thank you very much for the info. For me this seems to solve my problem.
I will read the info you provided.
It would be great also if we had a nice howto inside the documentation.

Thanks again for the info.!

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I second this, using a reverse proxy (Apache or nginx or something else) is btw more secure and easier to deal with Letsencrypt certs at all.

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For Xojo web deployment docs, start here:


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Thanks Paul,
I have already seen the documentation and as i mentioned before, the cgi deployment is described as a valid option. For example
The docs need to be updated.
I noticed now that also IIS can be used as reverse proxy which is good also.

Thanks for letting us know about this. I’ll get someone to update that page.