Xojo can now pass Javascript to Valentina Reports 9.6

Paradigma Software released Valentina 9.6 and introduced some new, significant features to Valentina Reports. Here are the highlights:

  • [New][Studio Pro] JavaScript now can be used in all places and for all controls with Valentina Reports. Macros $() for Reports are to be deprecated.
  • [New][Studio Pro] Objects within Valentina Reports can now be freely rotated, making it easy to create complex orientation of objects. Objects can be rotated within the Report Editor. Objects can be rotated in the generated reports (PDF, HTML, etc).
  • [New] method VReport.RunScript( inScript as String ) As String. We’ve implemented this for Xojo first to give Xojo developers the ability to work with all Report objects.

In a nutshell, this exposes report objects to Xojo developers in a significant way. Valentina Reports are stored within a project file that can be deployed in many ways:

  • Report Viewer. This is available right within the free version of Valentina Studio (macOS, Windows, Linux (x86)
  • Reports ADK apps. Valentina Reports ADK for Xojo lets you embed the reporting engine within your app on macOS, Windows, Linux (x86) and Raspbian (ARM7 Raspberry PI)
  • Valentina Server. Reports can be served off of Valentina Reports Server using data sources, built in Valentina DB Server and Valentina SQLite Server, and external sources, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, MariaDB and any others we add. Server is available on macOS, Windows, Linux (x86) and Raspbian (ARM7 Raspberry PI).

There were other new features and improvements in 9.6 but these are likely going to be of most interest to Xojo devs.

If you purchased Omegabundle for Xojo 2019, you got Valentina Studio Pro, all three Report ADKs for Xojo (and the database ones, too) and a copy of Valentina Server. Our VDN product also allows you to deploy copies of Valentina Server to your customers royalty free.