Xojo built EXE slowdown mystery

My built app runs slowly but only under a specific condition:

  1. some_name.exe (built with Xojo) runs slow
  2. Rename some_name.exe to some_other_name.exe (and rename the corresponding some_name Libs and some_name Resources folders
  3. some_other_name.exe runs fast (approx 5x speed increase over some_name.exe)

The only difference is the naming of the .exe file.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any clues to a solution?

The only antivirus present is the standard “Virus & threat protection settings” built into Windows 10. The strange symptom persists when “Real-time protection” is off.

With “Windows Virus & threat protection”, try adding the exe to the exclusions. I’m on Windows 11 and it is under “Windows Security” → “Virus & threat protection” → “Virus & threat protection settings”, then scroll to the bottom and look for “Exclusions”. Click “Add or remove exclusions” and you will see what to do.

Thanks for the suggestion - I tried it but to no avail.

It turns out that a while ago I had used gflags.exe to configure the application to run with extra debugging facilities to detect heap corruption, and I did not realize that this setting is permanent and applies to all .exe files of the same name.

Now resolved.

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