Xojo bug that has saved the day

I believe this is a bug which has saved me a lot of work. I am using Xojo 2013 r 2 (I know get with the picture Mike…) and I have an external control created on a container control. I have inserted it into another project as external and then made some changes to it and messed it up. So, I came out the project and re-opened the original project where I developed the control to find it has never been updated. Strange. Its seems the copy I inserted into my new project as external has not been updated with the changes made. I have added methods, properties etc in the new project but they are not saving to the external control.

If I right click the external control in the navigator and click ‘Show on Disk’ it opens up the folder to the external control but it can’t be using it.

Is this a known bug?

(Just so happens I’m glad of this as I want the original version back which seems completely in tact and not changed)

It wouldn’t have changed the one on disk at least until you saved the second project. Maybe it was that?

I have been working on the second project every day for over a week and saving all the time. Its just not updated it at all.

The left hand image shows the project in which bbMenu is imported as external. The right hand window shows bbMenu the original. As you can see in the left window I have added numerous properties and this has been saved and saved. As can be seen in the original it is not being updated. I have now confirmed this on Xojo 2014 r 1 also.

If you close the second project and reopen it, are the changes there?


Looking at your screen print the right hand one is an internal class, not external. That would explain it.

Left one is external
Right one is internal
What kind of project is this ? Binary ? XML ? Text ?