Xojo bug fix times

As happens in all companies that make “quality” a cornerstone of their business, it would be nice if Xojo inc indicated the maximum resolution times for bugs that are reported to technical support or via feedback.

there are bugs reported for years and never fixed even after new releases! bugs that lead us to get around the problem (always if possible), then to write more code, with the unknown the code written in more could represent a problem in the future release of xojo!

I believe that xojo inc should give developers an indication of the resolution times of the bugs reported, giving an indication on each feedback of the time needed to resolve this problem, or clearly indicating that the bug will never be fixed (and in this case everyone will do their own ratings …)

a greeting to the whole group

(ps. many bugs have not been solved even if reported to technical support via an account with an active license and which therefore provides technical support)


I agree with @Jury_Buono that the huge amount of ever reported issues doesn’t give any idea of what’s current status. Sometimes I lose heart when I see all those years old untouched reports

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