Xojo-based CMS available?

Since Xojo provides development of web apps, I wonder if anyone knows about a content management system that has been developed with Xojo?
Anyway, not sure overall especially cause web apps seem not to work well with search engines indexing their contents.
What’re your thoughts on this? Anything already existing (maybe as open source), possible or impossible to do?

Anything is possible depending on how much time and energy you are willing to put in to it…

time energy and $$$ !

EverWeb is a desktop-side CMS built with Xojo.
I personally dislike web-based CMS systems, each system for different reasons actually.

I agree with @Tim Parnell - we tried Salesforce a few years ago, but having our customer data in the cloud with all of the issues that arise with lack of true data ownership left a very bad taste in our mouths.

Well I wondered if its possible to do, since Xojo web apps cannot be spidered by search engines and some tricks are needed to manage this. I’ll have a look at EverWeb, it sounds interesting.

EverWeb is not based on Xojo Web. It is an application that helps creating web sites with HTML pages.

These are two different things with different advantages. If you need data processing, Xojo Web remains much more interesting.

I just checked out EverWeb… it’s more a static website editor than a CMS. Is there anything available that bases on Xojo with the feature set of Wordpress or Typo3?

I’m not sure what y’all think a content management system is if something that helps you manage your website’s content isn’t a CMS. Whether it creates static files or hogs server resources like Wordpress doesn’t change that.

As usual, we should have asked the most sensible question : what is it you want to achieve ? Could you try to describe exactly what you are after ?

Your original post seems to go all over the board. Have you ever created your own web site ?

Everweb can create blogs, and Wordpress can make blogs too.
but they are not the same kind of software…

@Jim… What I created is not really a WordPress makeover but rather a custom built PHP / MySQL site / Bootstrap site. I Use Xojo Web to control the back office for research documents. When a research document is made public we throw a switch in MySQL database that gets scrutinized by the PHP code when it is being viewed by normal web requests. Thus marrying XOJO with other technologies work pretty well but I would not use XOJO for taking over something like WordPress at the moment. Most service providers allow you to run CGI scripts but they seem to put a lot of restrictions on resources. In the beginning, I had to get a lot of special permissions to run my XOJO scripts. In the end, I opted for getting my own Windows server for the project and I am happy with the results. It all comes down to the costs. The Wordpress people out there want solutions that don’t cost too much money. Using XOJO is much more expensive but allows you to do custom solutions a lot quicker and with fewer people.

ps. I Can extend the project to control more aspects of the website like static page content etc. hence it would be possible to do a Wordpress like admin panel but without all the community plugins. You would have to recompile plugins into your project if someone makes it available.