XOJO automated builds

I would like to be able to have my Bamboo server pull code out of my git repository and build a windows and mac executable. Is this possible?

You can write a script to build projects. You will have to use the IDE socket for communication. In Xojo, create a new project, choose Examples > Advanced > IDE Scripting > IDECommunication to get you started. Also look at the docs for IDE Scripting (http://41160df63757fc043cfd-66287f38a83954e31a54d1dbe33e0650.r4.cf2.rackcdn.com/Documentation/EN-PDF/IDEScripting.pdf)

It’ll take a bit of glue code (XojoScript) and probably Bash but you can certainly do it!

thanks, will take a look at that.

have you made any progress with automating builds?
I am looking at deploying bamboo myself.

This is something I also tried to do at some degree.
Not tried to integrate with Bamboo or any similar tool, but I found the IDE scripting too poor for having feedback on the compilation (errors, tests, etc.)
If anyone can do this I would be really interested.

have not made much progress on this as of yet… it is definitely something that we want/need to do going forward. I will advise soonest on any progress.

I would appreciate any steps toward automation that anyone has done in the meantime.