xojo as webservice

Is it possible to create XOJO Web apps that act as webservice which accept XML and save it to database?

I hope Masters XOJO can guide me on how to do it?

you could have a look at the example projects that are in the download.

webservice - handlespecialurl

In a word - Yes - this is very possible.

I’m presenting on this subject at this years XDC , I’ll be building a JSON webservice to communicate with a database backend.

In the meantime… Check out Paul’s webinar on the subject.

Plus there are a couple of open source projects which may help you
@Tim Dietrich has Luna
@Kem Tekinay has Xojo Rest Classes

(though I think both of these are more JSON based but sure the guys could clarify)

Thanks to all MASTERS!

@ronaldo florendo: As @Patrick Delaney said, Luna is very much JSON-based. You could modify it to accept and process XML requests, but it would take some work. In any case, it is flexible enough to support a variety of SQL databases. It’s hard to say whether or not it will work well for you, but at the very least it might give you some code to reuse.

Best of luck with your project.

Thanks Tim.

Though I been on this forum for quite some time, but Im still at the stage of learning as beginner.
Hopefully, I can grasp everything what you had told.

Thanks so much!

We are trying to get Luna to work as a cgi but not having much success so far. Has anyone tried to do this?
We would like to have the luna webservice as a cgi behind the Apache webserver.
Gino has it set up so that a xojo webapp runs, but he hasn’t had success with getting Luna to run.
What are we missing? @Tim Dietrich @Paul Lefebvre @Patrick Delaney @Kem Tekinay

@Dirk Cleenwerck: I’ve never run Luna as a CGI, but I’m wondering if something that would normally be passed as part of a request isn’t being passed through Apache.

Is there a specific problem that you’re running into?

Also, what does the Request object look like?

I’m not sure if I’ve tried Luna on Xojo Cloud (which uses CGI), but the simple Eddie’s Electronics web service is hosted there and it works fine.

I’ll ask Gino tomorrow (it’s 23:08 over here).
I’ve been busy doing other things, so I don’t know the details.

Do you have any insight into how Apache is set up to pass the requests to the webservice through?

Sorry - @Dirk Cleenwerck Ive never used Luna myself…

Have you set up a webservice behind Apache and cgi, and if so what did you have to take into account?

I was just thinking. Is it better to set the webservice up as a standalone behind Apache with reverse proxy?
Does a cgi not get unloaded after use, and wouldn’t a standalone therefore be faster?
Another question.: if Apache handles the ssl, do you need to pass that on to the standalone, or is that not needed, since the communication between apache and the standalone happens within the server and therefore shouldn’t be public?

It would be faster, but you could gain a little speed by calling app.autoquit = false in the open event.

Normally no. But it’s very important that you not be running in a server that is shared with other users as they could potentially gain access to that data.

I use a cgi webservice to monitor the 30 days trial licenses, another to serve fonts to iOS devices, and a third one to listen to Paypal IPN transactions and send customers download instructions and license keys.

All I had to do was to upload to 1701 servers.

Has anybody build a cgi-webservice running on a Raspberry PI ?