Xojo Apps in the Mac App Store

There are many apps made with Xojo in the Mac App Store. If you’d like, take a moment to share your Xojo-made apps in this thread. Be sure to include links so that people can check them out.

ThumbItAll is a HTML Image Thumbnail Gallery Creator. Now you do not need to know HTML or spend a considerable time creating thumbnail galleries and linking them to the image files.

ThumbItAll makes it simple for you to share your images with your family, friends and anyone else across the internet. All you would need to do is to use ThumbItAll to generate the thumbnail galleries and upload all your files to your website.

ThumbItAll is great for anyone who takes pictures and wants to share them. Because it uses HTML, the galleries can be viewed by any web browsers.


I have 2 app in the Mac App Store.

TapeCalc - TapeCalc emulates a time tested model of a classic tape based calculator with all the modern conveniences expected in a modern desktop utility.

RoDesk Remote - RoDesk Remote lets you control your Roku* media player from your desktop. You have all the standard Roku controls plus the Channel list for quick navigation.

Two apps:

TFTP Client - The first full-featured TFTP client for the Mac. It supports send and receive, simultaneous transfers, and more. Also has the optional password field required by some devices, like routers, for updates.

RegExRX - A complete regular expression development tool for novices and professionals alike.

Brandon, I just looked at your TapeCalc app and it looks great.

Thanks Henry, I am very proud of my TapeCalc app, it works very well and i try to add new features every few months. Also now that I figured out how to fix my RoDesk Remote app, I am much happier with that as well.

Your RegEx App looks great, I just bought it and it should help me out using RegEx a lot.

Filmotech : Movie catalog software
Computix : An edutainment game.

I’ve just released the sandboxed version of Filmotech and I’m working to improve its interface and performance.
I’m very happy with Xojo, better and better :slight_smile:

Although we have moved on to other endeavors (as can tell from the last update dates), a few of our software are still available on the App Store:

iReminisce: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ireminisce/id475179427?mt=12
OneDock: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/onedock/id531851838?mt=12
Teacher Studio: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/teacher-studio/id405437508?mt=12

Please note that this particular version is quite old. A new version of the Teacher Studio app is scheduled for release next month. To see some screenshots of the new version of Teacher Studio: https://defiant.lomation.com/wiki/pages/Q0Q1C6/Teacher_Studio_20_PreRelease_Update.html

The following app started out as a test, and the completed app (at the time of release) literally took less than an hour to code, packaged and sent to Apple for review. Needless to say, this silly little test project has paid for itself within 2 days of its release – even at just 99 cents:

ScreenMarker: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/screen-marker/id417129832?mt=12

We will be updating all of these projects again once we determined that Xojo is ready for our everyday internal use.

Have a few…
Fun Greetings Deluxe
Fun Greetings
HDRtist Pro
Funtastic Photos
Fun Photos Free
Fun Card Studio
Fun Photo Cube

Have another one in review, with two more should be coming this week.

Fun Photo Cube looks very cool.

I used to have an app called SolOske which, essentially, made CBR archives out of online magazines, to read later in Comic Viewers (on an iPad, for example). It could also download online galleries.

I did it more like a test to check the App Store process and it worked pretty well. I removed it when at some point Issuu became the subject of some legal disputes and then never brought it back after that was resolved.

Made by Xinfinite :slight_smile:

iSticky: https://itunes.apple.com/app/isticky/id409074222?mt=12&ls=1
( with free Arduino library after developer registration )

Peks: https://itunes.apple.com/app/peks/id554593512?mt=12&ls=1



Missed one. ColorPaj: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/colorpaj/id416013133?mt=12

App Wrapper Mini just got approved. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/app-wrapper-mini-enhance-xojo/id660325094?mt=12

Have One.


I have two (related) apps in MAS.
PM Practice Test
PM Practice Multiple Tests

Can’t give links since I just found out the apps are not listed on the iTunes website for some reason.

[quote=22757:@Sean Mitchell]Have One.

Dru [/quote]
Sean did you do those with just RB?

David I looked at yours at the App Store. Very impressive.

The app uses a lot of code in RB/Xojo, declares, and several Plugins from MBS.