Xojo apps and Snap

I’m getting well outside my comfort zone here. In the past with Xojo, I setup a build environment to generate the deb and rpm files for Feedback. Today, Snap seems to be the most desired way to distribute software to desktop Linux. Reading over the docs for a part, it’s not obvious to me which plugin I should choose. I’m guessing maybe nil or dump?

Does anybody have experience building these for their Xojo apps? Maybe willing to share their yaml file? My end goal is to have this install the app (obviously) and setup both file and url handler associations. But I’m not quite at that phase yet.

Maybe this points you in the right direction:

There are more samples, we’ve done this in the past i may be able to provide you the yaml if i find it.

You need plugin: nil

Thanks. That’s a little helpful. I seem to have run into a showstopper though, so Linux support will have to wait anyway.

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