Xojo App to Microsoft Store

have someone a manual to prepare a xojo desktop app as package for the ms store? did not found something in xojo online docs.
i am started here and filled out all input dialog: partner.microsoft.com

This should help:

First i need a package
(.msix, .msixbundle, .msixupload, .appx, .appxbundle, .appxupload, .xap)

This is addressed in the very first post at the thread Iinked to.

i found also a MSIX Packaging Tool from MS in MS Store for Windows 10.

As long as you can side load the msix for the Microsoft rep to be able to play with your software, why not ?

i will try if it can handle a package made with inno setup.

@Eugene Dakin has written an excellent document about “How To” do that. Follow the Link and get his PDF from this forum post : AppX Installer for Microsoft Store with Xojo

I’ve tried that once, and the result has been too messy for me.
That’s why I prefer the manual creation of the .appx package…

Once you have the required toolset and basics working (creating an .appx from your xojo-built application, CodeSigning, …) you might want to automate that. I guess one doesn’t want to run Terminal commands, manually modify App-Manifests, … for every build. That’s too error prone in my opinion.
If such an automated creation out of Xojo is of interest to you, then have a look at this example Post Build Script: Xojo2AppX. It might be a bit outdated, but you should still get the idea of how you could set up a fully automated .appx creation by just clicking “build” in Xojo.
I just recommend to read Eugene’s Docs first, then try it manually for your application. And only then get into build automation.

The Microsoft Documentation: Package from the command line is quite good, too. It seems they have changed their docs from creating an .appx to creating a .msix. Having said that, we’re still building an .appx - such as in the xojo2appx example. And that seems to still work just fine.

often i think ms do everything to force developers to use ms visual studio and pay for it^^

I routinely submit appx.

Here is what the store interface says about packages format, in the place where to upload:

Has the MS Store policy for Win32 apps changed in the past year or so? There were some articles last Spring about the Microsoft Store accepting win32 apps and not just UWP apps. Is that true? Was it old news? Does it have any impact on submitting apps built with xojo to the store? Thanks in advance.