Xojo App Freezing on Depoy to Xojo Cloud

I am on the latest Xojo for Mac. it was working great. Out of no where when deploying it does one short ping sound and then sits on the below dialog. I have rebooted the device many times. The only way to get it to reset (cancel button doesnt work) is to force close and reopen. Then it does the same again.

Has anyone had this problem? If so, what was done to get past it?


I just went to restart my Cloud server and my app list is blank. I refresh and restart and no good. So I think this is deeper than what can be done here. Im going to contact support.

Contact Xojo support, I think @Jason_Parsley can help.

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Just started working after 1.5 hours. Thanks!

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@Jason_Parsley This is doing this again. Any idea what is causing it?

I’m taking a look now…

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Sorry about that. It should be working for you now.

Is it something I am doing?

This was not caused by you. I don’t know if it’s the same thing that you were seeing last time.

It just stops during deploy and doesnt keep going. From my point of view its the same as before, but I dont see the backend like you do.

I see. Are you able to deploy now? I was able to deploy a test app to your server a few minutes ago.

If you aren’t able to deploy this app, are you able to deploy a very simple test app?

I am. Thank you. Is this a resource problem?

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Great! This is specific to your server so I’ll go ahead and contact you privately.