Xojo and Wordpress

I’ve recently been asked whether my German Xojo course on udemy.com would be available in English also. I make my answer available for everybody, because it still might be useful for some of you:

I’m sorry, but this course was German only. If that helps, you can download the demo project from here: https://nws-informatik.ch/xojo/formidable.xojo_binary_project.zip

The demo project was written for Xojo 2018r1.1 and makes use of the now deprecated API Xojo.NET.HttpSocket . It still works, however I’d rather make use of URLConnection today.

Another project which might help was made for the MBS Xojo Conference in Munich in 2018. You can find videos (without sound, as I was commenting live then) plus demo projects (download files.zip) from here:


These are demo projects on how to use the REST Api of Wordpress for up- and download of media files, plus the REST Api of WooCommerce in order to up- and download product descriptions.