Xojo and the FrontBase plugin

The Frontbase plugin which connects to Frontbase databases was last updated in 2006. However, it worked up to REALStudio 2012. In Xojo, it seems to be broken.

Any tips how to make it work are greatly appreciated.

TIA, Klaus

Maybe the ODBC driver for Frontbase still works (haven’t test it):

FrontBase originally wrote that and it’s not been updated in a very long time.
I think the original author no longer works there so I’m not sure they are very motivated to update it.

[quote=14072:@Norman Palardy]FrontBase originally wrote that and it’s not been updated in a very long time.
I think the original author no longer works there so I’m not sure they are very motivated to update it.[/quote]

I just happen to know with 100% certainty that the original author doesn’t work there any longer. But I’ll let y’all in on a secret. It was a completely unauthorized skunkworks project after the then VP of Sales and I met Geoff at a trade show. Took me a sleepless weekend to get it up and going, got us some customers, and got me absolutely smitten with REALbasic. It all started with that.

I had no idea you were the author :stuck_out_tongue:

to answer my own question: Here’s a quick and dirty way to make it work again:

  • Get a fresh copy of the FrontBase Plugin (N).rbx
  • Get the XojoPluginConverter from http://www.patisoftware.eu/DevTools/xjplugconverter.html . Choose the Carbon Intel variant.
  • Open the plugin with XojoPluginConverter.
  • Save the plugin using the Save As Folder Hierarchy command and quit XojoPluginConverter.
  • Move the saved folder hierarchy into Xojo’s Plugins folder.
    Xojo should now recognize the Frontbase plugin. At least it worked for me - YMMV.
    Regards, Klaus

Klaus that’s a great workaround. We’re using Frontbase for a new project as we needed a faster alternative to the single-user SQLite and having bi-directional recordsets. It’s absolutely awesome - fast, secure, reliable. I’ve arranged with Frontbase to start on redeveloping the plugin (give me a bit of time as I’m only just learning how to write plugins properly), and your conversion above will give me some breathing space and allow me to build using Xojo (hopefully). I’ve also developed standard db access classes to deal with the differences between SQLite and Frontbase (so I can easily switch between them and hide some of the complexity) and will publish these when I get a moment after the current project is bedded in. As well, I’ve developed a set of functions to replicate some of the things we take for granted in SQLite, such as simple date comparisons in sql statements using a cDate function, and auto-incrementing ID’s etc and plan to make these available too, esp. as Frontbase is very strict on SQL-92 standards. The current plugin has quite a few gotcha’s (which the db class takes care of) and the project is coming along nicely - we then plan to use Frontbase as our multi-user solution for our payroll systems and new projects.

Cheers, Matt.

Almost got excited there…can now run the project (Carbon build), but unable to build for Windows (using the converted plugin as per Klaus’ process) which is, unfortunately, the target platform. Message: Plugin “plugin:FrontBase_RB_Plugin.dylib:0” is not supported for windows. May need to tweak the folder structure for the converted FB plugin…nope, back to 2012r2.1 for now.

Hi Matthew,

Did you ever get the Frontbase Plugin to Work?

We have an old RB Project we want to convert to a web App but it will require a connection to Frontbase…


Would you guys be interested if we include FrontBase for MBS SQL Plugin?