Xojo and Other Languages

I am about to start using XOJO to (partially) port my application to the web.
I have a LOT of investment tied up in the current system that I do not want to redo.
What I want to know is is it possible and easy to write the user end in XOJO but still have the backend processing run in another language?
So the process would be the user enters something via their browser or phone using XOJO. XOJO would then somehow, transmit that data to the non-XOJO system for whatever processing is needed and send the answer back to the XOJO frontent in the browser.
I am envisaging that all the database access would be done by the existing system and that XOJO would be used for the end-user portion only.

All depends upon how ‘the other system’ allows an application to talk to it.

On desktop (windows), the ‘other system’ might expose functions using a DLL or OLE object
On the web, the ‘other system’ might expose functionality by means of active server pages, or web services (eg SOAP)

Writing the front end in Xojo is easy.
Writing functions that send/receive data is easy
Sending and receiving… all depends on what you want to / can plug it into

The ‘other’ system is running on Windows and would probably use COM.

What XOJO commands should I investigate/learn to be able to send and receive the data between the 2 systems?
Maybe a very simple sample of code, if you have it.

probably start here:


If your database stuff use SQLite, PostGreSQL, Oracle, can use ODBC, MSQLServer or MSQLCommunity… all of these are built in Xojo and can be used (certainly easilly used with Xojo).

Take minutes to check that.

Having a non-Xojo built binary as a helper shouldn’t be a problem. I have a Xojo Desktop app that generates private keys & x509 certs using OpenSSL as the helper. It all comes down to the ability of the helper app to accept commands and return results to the caller.