XOJO and macOS Monterey issue

Hello I just upgraded to macOS Monterey version12.6.3 (21G419) and while trying to build my app I got this error
" Linking Executable
ld: file not found: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/UIFoundation.framework/Versions/A/UIFoundation for architecture x86_64"

I am using XOJO 2019 Release 1 on Mac mini (Late 2014)
How can I fix that?



I had the same problem here. had to upgrade xojo. to 2022r4.
and discover the fun world of API 2 …
or remove monterey and go back to big sur.
no other choices…

You have to patch 2019r1.1 to use it with Big Sur. Can’t post the link to the good answer here (it’s on Norman’s blog). There’s a bad answer floating around the forum that I would not recommend.

Otherwise, you will need 2019r3.2 for Big Sur or newer.

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Could you direct me to “Norman’s blog” please.

Hi Jean-Yves.
Is 2022r4 compatible with API 1?

This may help:

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Xojo 2021r2.1 works under Monterey with only a few annoyances like intermittently invisible PopupMenus and TabPanels.

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Is this what you mean?


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in theory yes, but in practice some bugs prevent it to be fluent.
you will have to convert some of your code to API2, depends on the complexity of it.
see some of my other posts here.

for example if you use creationdate of a folderitem, and if you are on a non-us macos
then you HAVE to use the api2 replacement creationdatetime or you will have wrong dates !
there are other “nice” bugs I discoverd recently as I moved to 2022r41 only a month ago for my API1 apps.

another one I discovered this week, if you use a rectangle for displaying is ok
but if you print a rectangle, the rectangle borderthickness becomes a big random integer and messes the print ! did not move to API2 for this one I just made a rectangle subclass and used this one instead by printing it myself.

the problem is not the bugs, there are always bugs everywhere. the problem is the difficulty to detect them as they are mostly silent, and in lots of code you used to trust…

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Thanks everyone,
I will just have to revert to the previous version and OS.
Thanks again.