Xojo and macOS 14 Ventura - issues

Is Xojo Inc aware that the latest Xojo 2022R2 (and 2022R3 beta for that matter) doesn’t work great on macOS 14 beta 4
I waited for at least beta 4 to report this but it happend from Ventura beta 1.

I got it crashed or does weird stuff on several occasions.

Some things I noticed:

  • Loading big projects sometimes got stuck.
  • Compiling gets stuck at some point. Canceling the helpers in Activity Monitor and re-compiling works.
  • Adding controls sometimes get jerky when moving them around.
  • Editing code is sometimes really slow. Relaunching Xojo helps. But it pops up one in a time.

Maybe some memory leaks that are stacking up and causing the problems?
It seems to be random and it’s hard to make a good step-by-step how to reproduce.

FWW App Wrapper 4 also doesn’t work good. Codesigning sometimes takes a long time (and eventually doesn’t do anything anymore).

Try again against Beta 5 see if something changed. Ventura is macOS 13.


XCode 14 and macOS 13 SDK are not stable yet despite the advances.

Not sure if Xojo 2022 is already using XCode 14 tooling, but I think they will need it.

Yes, on Ventura, notarization fails on AppWrapper with the final “stapling” step. Sam is aware. :slight_smile:


I read a rumor Ventura was delayed, is this true?
I saw a thread about the Ventura Sys Prefs on Twitter and it looked absolutely miserable.

I guess they will need to use newer SDK and tooling, fix some warnings et al and those are not completely stable yet.

I’ve read too.

In my daily use Ventura has the same stupid bugs that BS had:

  • I had one app (Postbox???) where the interface was totally white in white.
  • Bin can’t be emptied.
  • Pasting doesn’t work in Messages.

Regarding the Xojo crashes. The one that I get is a display one: Xojo: Account Login

Yes, I was thinking of Xcode 14. It’s indeed macOS 13 - sorry 'bout that.

I have put Ventura on my 13" M1 MBP. Overall, it has been my best experience with an early beta. As to Xojo, the main issue I’ve had is a couple of crash-on-launches, while loading plugins (I have a ton of them.). I have only noticed this since installing DP 5.

If you think “System Settings” is bad, wait till you try to print or use the print to create a PDF.
Remember when Federighi was asked if Apple was merging iOS and the Mac OS, he said “No.”?


What is wrong there? I only found 2 PDF related bugs:

  • CGImageSourceMBS.CreateThumbnailAtIndex doesn’t do anything. Status: potential fix has been identified.
  • Sips terminal command fails with error -13 on all tested files. Status: open.

Bugs like these make me want to hit someone at Apple really hard. What the h… do they test before releasing software?

Sure they do…

Have you seen the “new” monstrosity of a print dialog?

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Oh my frecking god. I have totally overlooked the print dialog. This is beyond idiotic.

Also: Network locations have been removed from the System Settings. See Apple removes Network Locations from macOS Ventura – Six Colors . I had to ask on a forum where to find the IP information in the Settings.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha… I almost fell off my chair! lol…

Yeah, that’s an odd duck. :sunglasses:

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