Xojo and GoogleDrive

Greetings -

I am working on a research project funded by U.S. Government and the State of Oregon. Data from this is being archived in Google Drive. Thus, I have no choice over the matter. The application is a desktop app running on a Win7 laptop. It needs to periodically gather data that a second application retrieves from weather stations and upload the data to GDrive.

I’ve seen the thread started several months back by Karen but that did not help me much. I have no experience with external libraries, DLLs, and such.

Can someone help provide some insight on this? Hints would help.

Jim Wagner
Oregon Research Electronics & Oregon State University

As a follow-up, I am doing the development on Macs so a cross-platform solution is highly desirable, if only for debugging . The target machine is long ways from here and access is by sloooow satellite link.

Jim W.

James here is a link to Google’s GoogleDrive API that is very nice.

Google Drive SDK

Google Drive API Reference

It also has examples for other languages which should be helpful.


Ultimately you will have to write a REST client consuming the Google Drive API.

What is a REST client?


Hey James, if you contact me off forums phillip@1701software.com I might have a viable solution for you. Depends on your needs.

Hello, everyone -

Phillip’s “solution”, unfortunately, was way outside of our budget. But, I really do appreciate his comments and input.

So, I am still interested in chatting with anyone else who has actually done an interface. For this, I ONLY need to implement the “update” and “insert” operations plus the authentications needed to do that. There is NO operator intervention. Required directories will be predefined. All I need to do is get around 200K of data appended to an existing file once a week.

Many thanks
Jim Wagner

Sounds like a batch file (like the old mainframe days) system could work:
For updates from anyone your application appends their data to a hidden text file, not the main database. Periodically the administrator of your program opens up the main database and checks for new data in the text file. If it finds new data in the text file it inserts that into the main database. The rest of the time most people open the main database in multi-user read only mode.
You could use an SQLite database for this.

I have no control over the file system or the data structure. It is set by a U.S. government agency. I simply need to periodically append data to an existing text file on Google Drive.

That is what I need to do.


You can synchronize a Google Drive entirely (or only some folders) to a local disk. I’m using it to synchronize data between a MacMini and a Windows 8.1 laptop. It’s just an app provided by Google for free that is running in the background. All you would have to do is to periodically check the modification date of the file to see if it has changed.


Wow, that would work. I assume that some sort of Googlle Drive app would need to be installed. But, that should make it MUCH easier.



The application needed is available here: