Xojo and encryption

Hello to all,

I’m new to Xojo and I would like to ask anyone if can help me with bellow things.

I noticed that in Xojo framework there is a encryption lib which can be used in iOS apps development.

Current lib is supporting RSA data encryption/decryption using key pair aka RSA PK.

My question for all advance users and/or Xojo team how I can do bellow things, which it should be, by default simple to do:

How I can encrypt data string and/or byte array using symmetric encryption such AES, 2Fish, BiFish since they are now days most common things to use?

I’m asking you this since even in Xojo documentation they say that RSA PK should be used for low volume data size encryption where data in should be less then key size which is in use. So, if in core framework you have support for encryption then let It be in not out of framework box - now is partial supported… or I didn’t look well in documentation?

Any information and/or even additional lib’s are welcome as reply.

Thanks in advance.