Xojo and C++ code

I want to keep my project as a single executable file.

Is it possible to create a single-file exe in Xojo and also link my own C++ static library?

We recently discussed this again here.

Thanks for the input. But if I just made a simple desktop app^, how many files would there be? I don’t have a license so I can’t use Build.

^ For example. a simple “hello” app with a button that calls MessageDialog.Show("Hello") when clicked.

For Windows, quite a few. You should build an app and take a look in the output folder (the IDE will open it for you).

He mentioned that he lacked a build license. But yes, Bruce, on Windows the application’s folder will contain several DLLs alongside the .exe. And this does not even include the Libs and Resources subfolders (which will be on all platforms.)

Thank you. Okay, so there are going to be lots of files. I might still be able to make that work.

Since there are so many files, the static linking question is now irrelevant. :wink:

Including the runtime DLLs to avoid problems when running the app.
Compiling X86: 46 files in 33 Mb
Compiling X64: 48 files in 36 Mb

Run your project & check the Debug build folder for the files that are included.