Xojo also for the company website? Maybe yes.

We are a software house that use Xojo full time to develop our software.
We recently decided to remake our site with new contents and with a customized download area for public users and for our private customers and partners.
We didn’t want to use CMS like Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, etc, because there seemed to be too complex for static content and too rigid for manage customization.
We have tried to make our website www.divcon.ch with Xojo and seems to us to be come a good result.
We hope this will encourage others who have thought the same opportunity.

Thank you “Xojo, Inc.” for your amazing software.

PIetro Beccegato

Someones webserver is about to get hammered :slight_smile:

Already is being hammered and it is suffering badly. Is very jumpy and not rendering correctly but I guess this is because it is under load.

And some disgruntled lurkers who like to hammer anyone’s site when they say “Hey look at this site I made with Xojo” to turn people off

Fun stuff :slight_smile:

I would always prefer to host static content with an apache.
No need to start a session for each search engine bot.

Hi Pietro, I feel sorry to say, but I am immediately running into errors:

Could not execute returned javascript: Xojo.controls.FJ6eeUY6 is undefined
Source: Xojo.view.showPage(‘YXUiOIQm’);
document.title = “DIVCON”;