Xojo / Airtable

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can XOJO be used to build Frontend App´s using AIRTABLE as the Backend Database thru the AIRTABLE API ? Filter / Add / Update / Delete records etc…



Use UrlConnection to call REST-Endpoints as Airtable provides.

It’s some work, because you’ll need to call the Airtable-API for every single load and save function. But, it’s totally doable and pretty much standard for web-communicating applications.


I use Airtable in a membership directory app. There are a couple of limitations. When you request data you only get 100 records at a time, so you need to do multiple requests until you get them all. If you request files in the database, like a person’s image, the URL is only good for a few hours so you need to keep track and request them again or risk a crash.

I remember an AirTable example in Xojo but it looks like is no longer listed in current versions.

I found it in an older Xojo I have (2019r3.2) under Examples - Communication - Web Services - AirTableArtGallery.xojo_binary_project

The Example will not be valid since AirTable is closing down API keys next month. And instead you will need OAuth integration.

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They’ve been closing down API Keys for several years now. Besides OAuth, you can use a Personal Access Token, which is very easy and similar to an API key.

Problem with personal access token is you cannot put them in your application unless its just in house internal application that is not supposed to go anywhere.