Xojo Add-Ons Black Friday package

The Xojo Add-ons team is pleased to announce the availability of the Black Friday package, consisting of StackView and CSTrueColors, between November 23rd (Black Friday) and November 26th (CyberMontag) with a saving of over 27% on the single licenses.

StackView is an xplatform Desktop control, saving screen space and giving your app a clean, modern look at the same time. With StackView the user can fold in unnecessary panels, but have them available at one mouse click! StackView works very similar to Apple’s NSStackView class, but can be used natively across platforms (macOS, Windows, Linux) and is completely customisable due to its use of ContainerControls.

CSTrueColors is the ideal companion for Xojo 2018r3 users designing for macOS Mojave (but not only). CSTrueColors currently works on macOS and Windows and brings full control over the dynamic system colors and Mojave’s Dark Mode. Additionally, you can create template images from pictures on the fly and assign them to a variety of controls, include VisualEffectViews on macOS and much more.

The bundle comes at a price of 20 € and includes documentation and the unencrypted source code. More Information and demo versions can be found here.

Payments can be done via PayPal with the remark "Xojo Add-ons Black Friday 2018“ to bogun@satzservice.de. You’ll receive the source code including a PDF invoice (if you sent your context details) ASAP.

Last Chance: StackView & CSTrueColors - TOGETHER 27% OFF THROUGH 11:59 PM GMT. Buy now!