Xojo 2024r2 Available for Download

Announcing the arrival of Xojo 2024 Release 2, packed with over 130 new features and more than 40 fixes!

Download available here: Xojo: Downloads

Major Highlights:

Database Connection project items for Desktop, Web and Console projects
Control Sets for Web projects
Support for the iOS privacy manifest
Add and remove panels from Web page and tab panels at runtime
Better performance when using WebListBox with large data sources
iOS MobileDateTimePicker supports Compact and Inline styles
String.CharacterCount returns the actual number of characters in a String
Database.AddRow has a new overload that returns the unique ID of the added row
Barcode Support on Linux
TCPSocket Support on Android
Added Graphics.LineCap, LineDash, LineDashOffset, LineJoin, Outline for Android

For a detailed list of improvements and fixes, see the Release Notes <https://documentation.xojo.com/resources/release_notes/2024r2.html>

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