Xojo 2024r1: good news, bad news

Kudos to Xojo for finally stamping out that DebuggerHook bug that’s been torturing me for years (https://tracker.xojo.com/xojoinc/xojo/-/issues/74175). Thank you!

The not so good news is that in the last 2 releases my IDE scripts frequently hang during the save step resulting in data loss, so i have to roll back to 2023r3: https://tracker.xojo.com/xojoinc/xojo/-/issues/76008

My tests are showing slower performance. I had a web application with quite a lot of data on, which was loading on average 3.4 seconds in 2023-r4, and that was expected considering the amount of data. However, in 2024-r1, the loading time of the same page took on average 7.3 seconds, which is 126% slower. That time makes to user anxious, they are clicking on the page, sometimes refreshing which triggers full process from start and so on.
I am investigating how to improve performance, but whatever I do, simply works quite better with 2023-r4, so for the time being I am going to continue 2023-r4,at least until 2024-r2 comes out.

I’m sorry to hear that, @Metodija_Angjelkoski, but unless we receive more information about what could be causing the performance issue you’re experiencing, we won’t be able to fix it. Could you please create a new Issue explaining how we can reproduce this problem?

Thank you.


Of course, Ricardo, I’ll do my best to create an example project and send it as an issue. The problem is that at the moment I am loading from a DB (SQL Server) using 3rd party components (MBS) and I need to investigate first if this is the cause of the slowness.

Re: 76008, that’s an interesting crash log:

Version: (
Code Type:       X86-64 (translated)
Platform:        macOS


 2066 IDEScriptContext.DoCommand%%o<IDEScriptContext>s  (in Xojo)  55  [0x1128c9fa7]
   2066 Commands.Dispatch%%s  (in Xojo)  74  [0x1025d553a]
	 2066 Commands.Dispatch%%o<Commands.Command>  (in Xojo)  9769  [0x1025d4959]
	   2066 StudioMainWindow.StudioMainWindow.HandleCommand%b%o<StudioMainWindow.StudioMainWindow>o<Commands.Command>  (in Xojo)  518976  [0x1073b7b20]
		 2066 DocWindow.HandleCommand%b%o<DocWindow>o<Commands.Command>  (in Xojo)  18906  [0x10172382a]
		   2066 Document.HandleCommand%b%o<Document>o<Commands.Command>  (in Xojo)  3672371  [0x101d2c253]
			 2066 Document.SaveToFile%b%o<Document>o<FolderItem>bo<ProgressIndicator>  (in Xojo)  40500  [0x1021eba44]
			   2066 RBBF.WriteFile%b%o<Document>o<BinaryStream>o<ProgressIndicator>  (in Xojo)  2599  [0x1024faaf7]
				 2066 RBBF.WriteProjItem%%o<BinaryStream>o<Document>o<RBProjectItem>b  (in Xojo)  14730  [0x1024ffada]
				   2066 RBWindow.WriteDataToRBBF%%o<RBWindow>o<OutputStream>  (in Xojo)  1887  [0x10b53312f]
					 2066 RBControl.WriteDataToRBBF%%o<RBControl>o<OutputStream>i8  (in Xojo)  99834  [0x100d18b0a]
					   2066 RBBF.WritePropValue%%o<OutputStream>o<RBPropValue>  (in Xojo)  3207  [0x102500a27]
						 2066 RBBF.WriteString%%o<OutputStream>i8s  (in Xojo)  1027  [0x102507383]
						   2066 MemoryOutputStream.Write%%o<MemoryOutputStream>s  (in Xojo)  60  [0x1024bedac]
							 2066 Xojo.LenB%i8%s  (in Xojo)  19  [0x100583b43]
							   2066 ???  (in <unknown binary>)  [0x200569f40]
2066 Thread_22216784: com.apple.rosetta.exceptionserver
1928 ???  (in runtime)  load address 0x7ff7ffde1000  0x4634  [0x7ff7ffde5634]
131 ???  (in runtime)  load address 0x7ff7ffde1000  0x45c8  [0x7ff7ffde55c8]
2 ???  (in runtime)  load address 0x7ff7ffde1000  0x10594  [0x7ff7ffdf1594]
2 ???  (in runtime)  load address 0x7ff7ffde1000  0x1082c  [0x7ff7ffdf182c]
1 ???  (in runtime)  load address 0x7ff7ffde1000  0xb380  [0x7ff7ffdec380]
1 ???  (in runtime)  load address 0x7ff7ffde1000  0x10698  [0x7ff7ffdf1698]
1 ???  (in runtime)  load address 0x7ff7ffde1000  0x1caec  [0x7ff7ffdfdaec]

Two things stick out:

  1. It’s running Rosetta - perhaps this is a part of the IDE that’s not yet been updated to a fat binary?
  2. the crash appears to be inside LenB() which seems like something that shouldn’t crash.
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I stuck it out with 24r1 to see, and unfortunately here are 2 more hangs: one when opening 2 projects from the Recents menu, and the other when test-compiling with cmd-K. I’m surprised how unstable 24r1 is, at least running under Rosetta.
I added the new crash logs to https://tracker.xojo.com/xojoinc/xojo/-/issues/76008
Unf I have to roll back to 23r3.1 when this did not happen (and am back to the Debugger Hook crash…)

Just out of curiosity: why do you run an ARM native application under Rosetta?


Because I’ve yet to update one of my own plugins to universal (Xcode…nuff said) so it’s x86-only, and so my app won’t build if xojo runs native, hence rosetta for now.

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In the bad new chapter, the local documentation is no more in the archive file with the ide.

What can be removed next ?

Read Mes

Hey, that is nearly 500MB…

Angry Emile (read the explanation elsewhere in a specific thread)

Removing the local documentation is on the good side - Download is smaller and as the documentation is updated, whenever it needs an update, its more accurate in the online version.
And for those with bad network connection, you can download the local doc anyway…

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OF COURSE ! but not in user’s back without REAL advertising.

Try to work with uncommon situations (like a computer in plane mode on purpose for security reasons)…

Go ahead on your way of thinking:
To lower the download size, let the user check what (s)he want to use:

When that user need to do mobile too, a simple download is enough. Isn’t it nice ? :wink:

As far as I remember it was announced in the release notes, back in 2022, when the new documentation system went online.

A blog entry from Feb. 2022 pointed out that the new doc system will be online by default: New Xojo Documentation Site – Xojo Programming Blog